Shake Me Down

**trigger warning for sexual assault**

The air grew cooler
And I gave up
I was a stupid pawn
Pressed into your hand
A toy to pacify you
The wildly swinging giant gorilla
In the room

Self destruction on the tips
Of our intertwining tongues
I wanted to die
And so I think
A part of me did
By your wandering hands later
As I slept off
The burning poison
Choosing to protect others
Above myself always

I stumbled out into the snow
Leaving my shoes
And self-respect behind
Stinging feet and eyes
As I stared at the stars
In the blurry heavens
Making wishes
That would never come true
Sober enough now
To make the drive home

And I learned then
That it doesn’t pay to be kind
To the wrong kind of person
Songs can form on cigarette lips
But it’s all just smoke


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